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Steve ScottSteve was born in Crossett, a small town in south Arkansas near the Mississippi River Delta. His experience with framing came from his brother and sister-in-law, Norman and Helen Scott. They owned Cantrell Gallery, a well-established landmark art and frame gallery in Little Rock. During a visit in the summer of 1972, the art and framing bug bit Steve. After graduating in 1974 he worked for the next several years at Cantrell Gallery.

Julie, his wife, grew up in El Dorado an oil town that is home to Murphy USA oil company and located 50 miles west of Crossett in south central Arkansas. They met at the dental office where Julie was employed as a dental hygienist in the fall of 1980. They became acquainted very quickly and married 2/14/1981. In early 1983 Steve opened his first business, a retail frame shop called “Art Fair” in Crossett.

Julie and Steve moved to Atlanta in late 1985 and he managed a “one hour” framing business for several years. Then, he had an opportunity to learn the art auction side of the business. For the next several years Steve traveled the southeast selling high-end art and framing. In 1996 with now over 20 years of experience in the framing industry, Steve and Julie started a wholesale framing supply business selling finished picture frame moulding to retail frame shops in the southeast. After 2 years they had established accounts in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. This is when the idea for Discount Picture Framing was conceived.

During their travels, in late 1999, they were introduced to Clete Boyer, an old-time baseball hero from the early 1960’s New York Yankees. He had some ideas about wanting to produce some framed, signed photos of him and his historic 1961 infield teammates commemorating the 40th anniversary of Roger Maris breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record. So, Steve and Julie were able to get off the road and settle back down to a wholesale framing venture along with Clete. They developed a pin-stripe matting and framed hundreds of signed photos that Clete and Steve sold in Cooperstown, NY and at many other events from 2000 through 2003.

In 2004, their present location at 945 Buford Drive in Lawrenceville became available. The Scott’s cleaned up and gave a face lift to the old run down building built in the 1950’s which Discount Picture Framing now calls home. Steve designed the newly formed business based on ideas he had observed from the most successful frame shops that he had encountered from his wholesale experience. Also, he remembered some important principles taught to him by his father who was a successful business entrepreneur. Work hard, treat your customers with respect, always be honest and purchase your goods at the right price. Today, they offer the Gwinnett County area a Locally-Owned, Family-Operated, Professional Framing Service with Reasonable, Easy-to-Understand Pricing with all materials in stock and no costly special ordering. They buy in bulk when the price is right and have it here in stock at far below the average retail picture framer. Thus, the birth of the “BIG YELLOW BUILDING” that houses Discount Picture Framing.

How do they do it?

  • State of the art equipment
  • A large enough space to stock over 500,000 feet of moulding
  • Over 3 tons of glass always in stock including regular, reflection control, UV/conservation, museum and plexi-glass
  • The largest in-stock selection of acid-free mats including fabric, faux finish and solid color matting in the Atlanta area
  • A friendly and knowledgeable staff exceeding 100 years of combined art and framing experience to offer you the very best in the industry

You Name It… We Frame It… The Very Best!!!

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