Meet the Team

Steve ScottSteve

Steve was born in 1956 to Victor and Irene Scott in Crossett, AR. His father had several successful businesses in Crossett including a lumber yard and hardware store called Ideal Lumber. Steve was exposed not only to enterprising business ideas at a very young age but also to a vast wealth of knowledge pertaining to wood and wood products. Having a background such as this would help fuel success for him in future business endeavors.

Steve worked for his dad starting at age 12 through high school. Moving to Little Rock after graduating high school he started his first job in the picture framing business at Cantrell Gallery which was owned by Steve’s brother and sister-in-law Norman and Helen Scott. They had several retail picture frame shops in the Little Rock area. This is where Steve got his start learning the craftsmanship of picture framing. After a few years there, he moved back to Crossett and began working with his other brother Bill which owned a bottled water company. Then he met his soon to be wife Julie McDonald. With the framing business still in his heart they opened their first picture frame shop in Crossett.

When Steve and Julie’s first child was born in 1985, Steve began searching for bigger opportunities and the family landed in Norcross, GA where he worked and managed a retail picture framing business. Over the next few years he worked in all aspects of the retail picture framing business including being an apprentice auctioneer. In 1995 he began selling picture frame moulding wholesale to retail picture framers. With retail picture framing still in his blood and several thousand feet of moulding at hand Steve opened the doors of the current location of Discount Picture Framing in April 2004. As of today, Steve has over 40 years of experience in the industry and is passing along his expertise to his sons Don and Ben. It is for this reason we stand behind our claim!

You Name It… We Frame It… For Less!!!

Julie ScottJulie

Julie Scott was born in El Dorado, AR to Bruce and Mary McDonald. She graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, School of Dental Hygiene in 1978. Moving to Crossett, AR in 1980, Julie met Steve and they married in 1981. After working as a dental hygienist for over 34 years and raising two boys she was ready for a change and left dentistry in 2012.  Always helping her husband with the business, she officially joined the team as business manager in 2013. Julie has a very active schedule balancing business responsibilities including being in charge of social media and attending meetings at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce along with several lunch networking groups. She still finds time to attend classes that are offered at Golds Gym. Julie and Steve have been active members for over 8 years at Hamilton Mill UMC.


Ben graduated Dacula High School in 2005 and then attended Gainesville College. He has been involved with his dad for years going on sales calls and delivering moulding to frame shops all over the southeast. He also took over the Ebay shipping when Steve had surgery in 2003. Ben has learned about framing just the way his dad’s brother taught him, from joining the frames to designing elaborate shadow boxes. Because of his dedicated efforts since opening the doors in 2004, he is now a partner with his parents as an owner of Discount Picture Framing. Ben is in charge of production and is the lead designer who meets and greets most of our customers. He has a natural ability to match color and frame design to even the most complicated shadow boxes and unique items that are brought to us. In August of 2012 Ben married his beautiful wife Julie Morello and they reside in the Buford area.  Yes that’s right, Steve and Ben’s wife are both named Julie Scott!  We are so fortunate to have Ben on our team!


Eoin O’Connell was born in Cork, Ireland in 1973. When he was 19 years old he met his lovely wife Lil while she was on a mission trip to Ireland, and they married later in 1994. The couple left Ireland in 1996 to build their life in the United States and moved to Miami, FL. While in Florida, they started their family and have three children-Phoebe, Jo and Ciaran.  In Miami, Eoin got his start in the art and picture framing industry working with world renowned Wentworth Galleries. In 2006, the couple decided to relocate to Georgia and joined our team in May 2012. He brought with him 13 years of expertise in picture framing including design and fitting. Eoin builds most all of our custom and readymade frames that you see on display in our gallery and is certainly a master craftsman in the industry.  Now with over 16 years’ experience in the trade, he works all aspects of the shop. Many of you may have already had the pleasure of meeting him.  You will know Eoin by his Irish accent!  We are fortunate to have him on the team!


Chris Livingston was born in Cleveland, OH. He moved to Arkansas and graduated from Oak Grove High School in North Little Rock in 2000.  Later he attended University of Central Arkansas in Conway, AR for 2 years before moving to Athens, GA in 2002.  He continued his education and graduated from UGA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Design in 2008.  Chris is a working artist studying sculpture and graphic design. He has over 5 years’ experience in the picture framing industry and began working here in 2014.  We have found that Chris’s talent and uncanny eye for detail ensures all jobs he completes exceed customer satisfaction. When you stop by to visit us for your framing needs be sure to ask about his newest creations that we have on exhibit. We are glad to have him on our team!

ZippyKing Cat Zippy

When we arrived here on the scene at 945 Buford Drive in April of 2004 this place was a huge mess!!!  Our crew Ben Scott, Don Scott, Danny Primm and Steve Scott started the remodel to make the run down building a suitable location to house our new endeavor Discount Picture Framing.  Don was throwing debris into the dumpster when he discovered a tiny little kitten that appeared nearly lifeless. He hollered at us to come and see what he found. What were we to do? Could we save the poor little guy? It was too late in the day to go to the vet.  We gave him a tray of water which he lapped up quickly, and then we went out and bought cat food.  We agreed that we would take him to the vet the next day. Arriving early the next morning we found him appearing stronger so we loaded him up in the car and off to the vet we went. The vet checked him over and gave him necessary vaccines. He told us that he would be fine. Everyone was relieved! Next what to name him? The tray we had left for his water was marked “zippy cutter” so Don said how about Zippy…so there it is Zippy the itty bitty kitty now over 12 years later is our shop cat “King Cat Zippy “ Zippy is our greeter. He is in charge of all customer relations. Please be a responsible pet owner and spay/neuter your pets.

ZeldaQueen Cat Zelda

After we had Zippy for about 2 years our friend Joanna from Creative Enterprises came into our shop. She suggested that Zippy was a lonely “King Shop Cat” and needed a companion “Queen Cat”. She further explained that Creative Enterprises does cat rescue and that she had a special kitty in mind. The next day she brought in a sweet little kitty about one year old. Zippy was not happy at all!  He chased that poor little kitten so much it finally found its way to get in the celling to hide from Zippy. We let Joanna know it wasn’t working.  She came by and retrieved the little kitty and told us of a small litter where the mother cat lost her life in a tragic accident. Three little kitties survived and had to be bottle fed. She told that when they were weened that she would bring one by.  After a few weeks she brought in a small little kitten that Zippy learned to tolerate. She and Zippy got along well.  So now Zippy has a new companion. Again, what to name her? We thought about it and began asking customers.  Finally a little girl came in with her mom and said, “How about Zelda to go with Zippy?”…YES!! We crowned her “Queen Zelda Cat” Her job is in pest control! Please be a responsible pet owner and spay/neuter your pets.